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No joke, this is so chill and I'm saving to my favorites. I really like how this game makes me feel. I feel like I'm hanging out with my friends on a Sunday just listening to some music and thinking about life. Great stuff Santi.

I feel like… this is what I want it to feel like in my brain all the time. The music fits perfectly! There’s definitely a lot that you could do to expand on this - my one criticism at the moment would probably be that having such a decorative font in that orange color makes it a little hard to read on the background for it being the most important element on the screen. Maybe some sort of outline would fix that? I also noticed the gaps between the trees that happen sometimes, but it didn’t really impact the experience that much overall other than sometimes taking my attention away from the quotes. It would be cool if the background changed over time or something, like the sun setting & rising. Awesome job!

Palm Road! My favourite going down a straight road game. The quotes really inspired me and now I need to go "Hang on and Live on". In terms of critique the only thing I want is more quotes, more trees and the like. The concept is so strong and well done you just need to add more. Great Job!

Ok yo I didn't see this last week but I need to comment on this now just to say it rules and I love it.

Idk who cares about that tho the aesthetics are On Point.


Ah yes, palm road. Of course, real road.

I dig the vapor-wave aesthetic so much, and this game hit the nail on the head. The inspirational quotes were icing on the cake, and made the experience all the more trippy.
A thing I would probably add to make it more interesting would be something more to the background, like a stronger sunset or something similar.
Something to look at other than the sun, you know?

Good job!

No more subways or taxis, only palm road :)

Great job, you have such a strong aesthetic with the lighting, music, floor, and palm trees. I could just see this as my desktop background if I could have a video for it. If I really had to suggest something, it would be that maybe the trees could spawn closer together? There are times where there is a gap between them which does break the flow a little bit. Not a huge deal, and the rest of it is so good that I'm not really bothered. Great job!

HAHA This made me think of Danganronpa

that was the point tho right?

lol it wasnt i was mostly just talking about ny transit

but i was watching a v3 playthrough at the time so it was prob a subconscious thing lol