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Hey Santi, I love the dimensionality and depth of the pigeons even though I'm pretty sure they're 2D assets. I also think the general aesthetic is super cohesive and the sound is really good. One thing I would add is maybe a little more variance to the tilting, like having it look up a tiny bit or down when the food falls. Another thing that might be nice is if the other pigeons stopped walking for a bit when the food is thrown and maybe pecked at it even just in place. Still though, I love that you can tell that you are also a pigeon even though the only clue in the gameplay is the sporadic bird-like head tilting. Good work man!

These pigeons look amazing! It’s really satisfying how the special treats scatter on the ground and kinda bounce a bit. I will say that I feel like the effect on the treats themselves makes them look very glowy. It gives me more of an XP vibe than a food vibe, especially with the rest of the art which is a lot more low key. Also, I also agree with Miles about the cognitive dissonance of feeling like it’s a person throwing the food rather than a pigeon. A last little nitpicky thing: I think it’s a little jarring how the pigeons really obviously appear and disappear, but that could be easily fixed by just making them walk out of view before spawning/despawning. Fantastic vibe, though - the audio is definitely what really sells it for me.

I love this pigeon game! The camera tilt feels nice and I like the idea that I get to feed my fellow pigeons. The art is super pretty and the sounds match the tone and mood of the game. I do wish the pigeons would actually try to stop and eat the food, as right now it just disappears. I also think a variation in animations for the pigeons would have been nice to see. Awesome job!

Hello Santiago Fernandez, love the pigeon POV! I think the camera movement is a really nice touch as well! The art is hecking good as always! I think this game from the treats being a little bit more responsive, they come out a little after the button is pressed. I also wanna echo what Phillip said with the pigeons flying to you the more treats you put out. Over, the vibe is very nice, thanks to the audio you went with. 10/10 would feed pigeons again!

Santi! Love the art for this game a lot--the pigeons look especially awesome. I also find it very funny and entertaining that the camera tilts like a bird's head normally would while looking around. 

 My one critique would probably be for the special treats to feel a bit more interactive? Maybe when you throw out the treats, more pigeons come into view, or maybe they have a special animation to come and peck at them. I also think there is a very slight delay (probably just a second or two) from when you press the space bar to when the food gets released to the birds. I feel like if the treats were thrown out immediately after pressing the space bar, it would help make things feel more satisfying! 

That's about it though! The art is great, the audio is great, and the whole vibe is great. This is one of those things that I could just leave running on my computer while I go off and do other homework. Nice work! 

Hey Santi! I love the art on this! It's super well done and the vibe is really chill! In terms of feedback I'd maybe add a sound effect for when you ask for food really sell the fact that you're a pigeon yelling at someone to give ya'll food! Great job!

Hey Santi!

Lots of great things here! Love the art all around, especially the pigeons. A big highlight for me is the audio which really creates a strong ambiance.

The one thing that feels a bit off for me is pressing space for food. While the game is from the perspective of a pigeon, the player is the one controlling the human throwing the food. I think a way to fix this dissonance would be to add a specifically loud cooing sound right before the food is thrown in order to have it feel like the player is asking and receiving food, as opposed to having direct control over it.

Still really love watching those pigeons! Great job!

Great pigeon art.