This is a clone of the first 5 screens of the 1984 game Deus Ex Machina. It is an un finished version so the last screen (blinking boxes) is the  end state.

Use Arrow keys to control 


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Santi, good work capturing the movement of the original game! Your rotation/growing speeds feel nice and I'm able to maintain the DNA and keep them spinning which feels satisfying. I also like your personal humorous touches in the UI, which, when paired with the original audio creates a unique experience. In the first game, the blue obstacle moves really well, but in some of my tests it broke out of the playspace and disappeared. Also, even though in the original the movement is one-direction-at-a-time, in your clone it makes it hard to keep more than a few of the cells moving at a time. Still though, really good work! Proud of you son.