Feed Goop. Dont not Feed Goop. Goop needs Food. Goop


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Hello sir, I am here to be controversial and say I would like to see more things. I thought goop was cute, and I loved feeding goop pizza. But I think there could be more leaning into the amorphous slime idea. Something like have him grow as you feed him and you can see the pizza accumulate in goop's body if you feed him too fast. I would say the core of my feedback is wanting to see the effects of your generosity or lack thereof when feeding goop. Goop be cute tho, and I loved the font choice.

This game is super simple, but the way you put it out there and the personality you put into it shapes it into a game full of life!
I agree with Ron, some new UI and very weird sound effects when Goop gets fed would be the icing on the cake.

Good job!

Goop is very good! The name paired with the idle animation really sells this amorphous, sentient blob, and particular shout out to that eye poking the goop out at the top.  It's small, but I love it. The pizza eating animation being super quick too really works in the games favor, especially with the big Feed Goop button at the bottom. I can feel how important it is to feed Goop, even without any context.

I will say at first I didn't notice the bar was changing colour as I expected it to shrink in size or slide off screen. It also would have been nice for Goop to change a little depending on how you feed them, maybe growing larger as they eat pizza or having the animation speeding up as they look for food, but I'd also understand if the unchanging nature of Goop was important to the concept.

Really excellent work overall, and an incredible amount of atmosphere with the relatively sparse assets. 

Santi! I love the simplicity of this and the confidence with which you present it. I really like the 2-3 frame animations, I think it adds a lot of personality to goop!! In terms of feedback , I think the main appeal of goop is how stupidly simple it is so the gameplay is perfect, I'd say a UI pass and maybe some sounds would go a long way with this.